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Library and library work in some years back are less recognised by many. But today, everyone, irrespective of the background or discipline now aspires to build a career in librarianship. Thanks to modern technologies and Web 2.0 in particular.
Every career or profession has a professional association to which the members belong. Let me simplify, in the Nigerian context:
**Lawyers belong to the Nigerian Bar Association – NBA
**Doctors – Nigerian Medical Association – NMA
**Engineers – Nigerian Society of Engineers – NSE
**Librarians – Nigerian Library Association – NLA
Considerably, the social media have reformed and transformed the way professionals in all areas partner, network and collaborate with each other. For instance, the LARISSA online, NLA forum, Internet librarians, Young Librarians Forum, etc.

***The BIG QUESTION is “how has web 2.0 (social media) promoted professional networking among students librarians and library and information professionals?
***As student librarians and/or professionals, does professional networking through social media contribute to (your) career building and career development in any way?

Your opinion is highly needed, even in other professions.


Author: O. A. Idowu

(c) July 2016

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